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Specialized Chiropractic treatment

Traumatic Brain Injury and Stroke rehabilitation 

Specialized Chiropractic

Arjan has been a  chiropractic physician with a neurology specialization for over 30 years. His special interests are neurological  and  neurodevelopmental disorder rehabilitation




Traumatic Brain Injuries. Arjan developed a passion for brain-related issues because his mother suffered from brain stem migraines after a series of accidents





Linda was 43 when a severe stroke hit her in 2016. She was told never to be able to walk and talk again.





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Arjan: born in the Netherlands, chiropractor/ functional neurologist  who developed a passion for brain-related in his early teens.

Linda: born in Sweden, she was 43 when a severe stroke hit her in 2016.

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Specialized Chiropractic treatment

Arjan has 30 years of experience as a chiropractor (UK, Netherlands, Norway). Arjan has been a board certified chiropractic neurologist for 25 years and has extensive education in applied clinical neurosciences, functional neuro-orthopedic rehabilitation, laser therapeutics.



Traumatic Brain Injuries

Arjan is a functional neurologist (educated in the UK and USA)



Stroke Rehabilitation 

After suffering two (severe) strokes Linda put her innovative and analytic strength to good use by coming up with better solutions for fellow stroke survivors.


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